SHOGoiN Cell Transcriptome

No.Project IdProjectSource CellTechnologyData
Project TitleOrganization NameSample IdSource Cell TypeSource OrganismAssay TechnologyData Type
1GSE20264Transcriptome of inflammatory myeloid DCs in psoriasisRockefeller UniversityGSM507938 Dendritic cellhumanArrayArray
2GSE27174Ascl1, Nurr1 and Lmx1 convert mouse and human fibroblasts into functional dopaminergic neurons without passing through an intermediate precursor stateInternational School for Advanced StudiesGSM671653FibroblastmouseArrayArray
3phs001016.v1.p1Fixed single-cell transcriptomic characterization of human radial glial diversitySRS1144151Radial glia cell (Cerebral cortex)humanRNA-SeqSequence
4SRP014428Full-length mRNA-Seq from single-cell levels of RNA and individual circulating tumor cellsKarolinska InstitutetGSM967506LeucocytehumanRNA-seqSequence
5SRP018525Genetic Programs in Human and Mouse Early Embryos Revealed by Single-Cell RNA-SequencingHuman Genetics, UCLAGSM1080212Blood cellhumanRNA-seqSequence
6SRP020490Single-cell RNA-Seq reveals dynamic, random monoallelic gene expression in mammalian cellsKarolinska InstitutetGSM111249016-cell embryo cell (16-cell embryo)mouseRNA-SeqSequence
7SRP022764Quantitative single-cell RNA-seqKarolinska InstitutetGSM1280063-1Embryonic stem cellmouseRNA-SeqSequence
8SRP033135Pseudo-temporal ordering of individual cells reveals regulators of differentiationStem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Harvard UniversityGSM1268960Myoblast_T0 (Skeletal muscle)humanRNA-seqSequence
9SRP033139Transcriptome In Vivo Analysis (TIVA) of spatially defined single cells in intact live mouse and human brain tissueUniversity of PennsylvaniaGSM1268907Neuron (Cerebral cortex)mouseRNA-seqSequence
10SRP033209High throughput quantitative whole transcriptome analysis of distal mouse lung epithelial cells from various developmental stages (E14.5, E16.5, E18.5 and adult)Stanford UniversityGSM1271862Type II pneumocyte (Distal lung epithelium)mouseRNA-seqSequence
11SRP034712Characterization of differentiating adipose cells by high-throughput single-cell Harvard University, HSCRBGSM1297624Adipose Derived Stem CellhumanRNA-seqSequence
12SRP035326Massively parallel single-cell RNA-Seq for dissecting cell type and cell state compositionsWeizmann Institute of ScienceGSM1305777Dendritic cellmouseRNA-seqSequence
13SRP043513Single Cell RNAseq data and PacBio amplicon sequencing dataSAMN02870136B cell, IgM expressing humanRNA-seqSequence
14SRP045794Identification of subset-specific dendritic cell progenitors reveals early commitment in the bone marrowSingapore Immunology NetworkGSM1488326CDP_sorted_CD45+_Lin-_MHC2-_CD11c-_FLT3+_CD115+_CD117intmouseRNA-SeqSequence
15SRP048838Single-Cell mRNA Sequencing Reveals Rare Intestinal Cell TypesMax Planck Institute of Immunobiology and EpigeneticsGSM1524282Single cell from whole intestinal organoids (Intestinal gland)mouseRNA-SeqSequence
16SRP0495937q11.23 dosage-dependent dysregulation in the human pluripotent state primes aberrant transcriptional programs in disease-relevant lineages (RNAseq)European Institute of Oncology (IEO)GSM1538995-1Skin fibroblast-derived iPSChumanRNA-seqSequence
17SRP050499The Transcriptome and DNA Methylome Landscapes of Human Primordial Germ CellsBiodynamics Optical Imaging Center (BIOPIC), Peking UniversityGSM1677473Primordial germ cellhumanRNA-seqSequence
18SRP052738Single Cell Analysis Program-Transcriptomics (SCAP-T) (Penn site)University of PennsylvaniaSRS1018257Cardiomyocyte (Myocardium of right ventricle proper)humanRNA-SeqSequence
19SRP055425Intrinsic age-dependent changes and cell-cell contacts regulate nephron progenitor lifespanCincinnati Children's HospitalGSM1616785Nephron progenitormouseRNA-SeqSequence
20SRP055440Single Cell Analysis Reveals Unexpected Transcriptional Heterogeneity of Neural Progenitors in the Developing Human CortexBoston Children's HospitalGSM1617398Radial glia cell (Cerebral cortex)humanRNA-seqSequence
21SRP055810Single-Cell RNA-seq Defines the Three Cell Lineages of the Human BlastocystCrick InstituteGSM1624222TrophectodermhumanRNA-SeqSequence
22SRP057196A survey of human brain transcriptome diversity at the single cell levelDep of Biosciences and Nutrition, Karolinska InstituteGSM1657871Cerebral cortex cell (Cerebral cortex (temporal lobe))humanRNA-seqSequence
23SRP059549Single-cell RNA-seq reveals activation of unique gene groups as a consequence of stem cell-parenchymal cell fusionUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesGSM1713184Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC)mouseRNA-SeqSequence
24SRP059940Chromatin dynamics and the role of G9a in gene regulation and enhancer silencing during early mouse developmentUniversity of CambridgeGSM1725710Epiblast cellmouseRNA-SeqSequence
25SRP061185Single-cell RNA-seq of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells reveals unique profiles of lineage primingUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesGSM1822022Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)mouseRNA-SeqSequence
26SRP061902Adult mouse cortical cell taxonomy by single cell transcriptomicsAllen Institute for Brain ScienceGSM1839192Vip Mybpc1 (Cerebral cortex, VISp, all)mouseRNA-SeqSequence
27SRP062177Fixed single-cell transcriptomic characterization of human radial glial diversityAllen Institute for Brain ScienceGSM1846949Embryonic stem cell (Inner cell mass)humanRNA-SeqSequence
28SRP064464Single-cell transcriptomics reveals unique features of human pancreatic islet cell subtypesCeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of SciencesGSM1901455Pancreatic islet cell (Pancreatic islet)humanRNA-SeqSequence
29SRP067577Systematic reconstruction of molecular cascades regulating growth plate development using single-cell RNA-seqTsinghua universityGSM1975232Chondrogenic cell (Bone, tibia growth plate)mouseRNA-SeqSequence
30SRP067661Distinct routes of lineage development reshape the human blood hierarchy across ontogenyUniversity Health Network, University of TorontoGSM1977399CMP++ Myeloid stem cell (CFU-GEMM, CMP) (Cord blood)humanRNA-Seq, SMARTseqSequence
31SRP067892Single-cell RNA-seq reveals distinct maturation stages of the Paneth cell lineageHubrecht InstituteGSM1987570Lgr5-positive intestinal cell (CBC cell)mouseRNA-SeqSequence
32SRP068586Single-cell RNA-seq of sorted and micro-dissected mouse bone marrow cellsHubrecht InstituteGSM2041916Bone marrow cellmouseRNA-SeqSequence
33SRP070425Use of the Fluidigm C1 platform for RNA sequencing of single mouse pancreatic islet cellsRegeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.GSM2063432Pancreatic islet cell (Pancreatic islet)mouseRNA-SeqSequence