SHOGoiN Cell Transcriptome

No.Project IdProjectSource CellTechnologyData
Project TitleOrganization NameSample IdSource Cell TypeSource OrganismAssay TechnologyData Type
1SRP014428Full-length mRNA-Seq from single-cell levels of RNA and individual circulating tumor cellsKarolinska InstitutetGSM967506LeucocyteHumanRNA-seqSequence
2SRP018525Genetic Programs in Human and Mouse Early Embryos Revealed by Single-Cell RNA-SequencingHuman Genetics, UCLAGSM1080212Blood cellHumanRNA-seqSequence
3SRP020490Single-cell RNA-Seq reveals dynamic, random monoallelic gene expression in mammalian cellsKarolinska InstitutetGSM111249016-cell embryo cell (16-cell embryo)MouseRNA-SeqSequence
4SRP022764Quantitative single-cell RNA-seqKarolinska InstitutetGSM1280063-1Embryonic stem cellMouseRNA-SeqSequence
5SRP033135Pseudo-temporal ordering of individual cells reveals regulators of differentiationStem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Harvard UniversityGSM1268960Myoblast_T0 (Skeletal muscle)HumanRNA-seqSequence
6SRP033139Transcriptome In Vivo Analysis (TIVA) of spatially defined single cells in intact live mouse and human brain tissueUniversity of PennsylvaniaGSM1268907Neuron (Cerebral cortex)MouseRNA-seqSequence
7SRP033209High throughput quantitative whole transcriptome analysis of distal mouse lung epithelial cells from various developmental stages (E14.5, E16.5, E18.5 and adult)Stanford UniversityGSM1271862Type II pneumocyte (Distal lung epithelium)MouseRNA-seqSequence
8SRP034712Characterization of differentiating adipose cells by high-throughput single-cell Harvard University, HSCRBGSM1297624Adipose Derived Stem CellHumanRNA-seqSequence
9SRP035326Massively parallel single-cell RNA-Seq for dissecting cell type and cell state compositionsWeizmann Institute of ScienceGSM1305777Dendritic cellMouseRNA-seqSequence
10SRP043513Single Cell RNAseq data and PacBio amplicon sequencing dataSAMN02870136B cell, IgM expressing HumanRNA-seqSequence
11SRP045794Identification of subset-specific dendritic cell progenitors reveals early commitment in the bone marrowSingapore Immunology NetworkGSM1488326CDP_sorted_CD45+_Lin-_MHC2-_CD11c-_FLT3+_CD115+_CD117intMouseRNA-SeqSequence
12SRP048838Single-Cell mRNA Sequencing Reveals Rare Intestinal Cell TypesMax Planck Institute of Immunobiology and EpigeneticsGSM1524282Single cell from whole intestinal organoids (Intestinal gland)MouseRNA-SeqSequence
13SRP050499The Transcriptome and DNA Methylome Landscapes of Human Primordial Germ CellsBiodynamics Optical Imaging Center (BIOPIC), Peking UniversityGSM1677473Primordial germ cellHumanRNA-seqSequence
14SRP055425Intrinsic age-dependent changes and cell-cell contacts regulate nephron progenitor lifespanCincinnati Children's HospitalGSM1616785Nephron progenitorMouseRNA-SeqSequence
15SRP055440Single Cell Analysis Reveals Unexpected Transcriptional Heterogeneity of Neural Progenitors in the Developing Human CortexBoston Children's HospitalGSM1617398Radial glia cell (Cerebral cortex)HumanRNA-seqSequence
16SRP055810Single-Cell RNA-seq Defines the Three Cell Lineages of the Human BlastocystCrick InstituteGSM1624222TrophectodermHumanRNA-SeqSequence
17SRP057196A survey of human brain transcriptome diversity at the single cell levelDep of Biosciences and Nutrition, Karolinska InstituteGSM1657871Cerebral cortex cell (Cerebral cortex (temporal lobe))HumanRNA-seqSequence
18SRP059549Single-cell RNA-seq reveals activation of unique gene groups as a consequence of stem cell-parenchymal cell fusionUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesGSM1713184Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC)MouseRNA-SeqSequence
19SRP059940Chromatin dynamics and the role of G9a in gene regulation and enhancer silencing during early mouse developmentUniversity of CambridgeGSM1725710Epiblast cellMouseRNA-SeqSequence
20SRP061185Single-cell RNA-seq of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells reveals unique profiles of lineage primingUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesGSM1822022Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)MouseRNA-SeqSequence
21SRP061902Adult mouse cortical cell taxonomy by single cell transcriptomicsAllen Institute for Brain ScienceGSM1839192Vip Mybpc1 (Cerebral cortex, VISp, all)MouseRNA-SeqSequence
22SRP062177Fixed single-cell transcriptomic characterization of human radial glial diversityAllen Institute for Brain ScienceGSM1846949Embryonic stem cell (Inner cell mass)HumanRNA-SeqSequence
23SRP064464Single-cell transcriptomics reveals unique features of human pancreatic islet cell subtypesCeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of SciencesGSM1901455Pancreatic islet cell (Pancreatic islet)HumanRNA-SeqSequence
24SRP067577Systematic reconstruction of molecular cascades regulating growth plate development using single-cell RNA-seqTsinghua universityGSM1975232Chondrogenic cell (Bone, tibia growth plate)MouseRNA-SeqSequence
25SRP067661Distinct routes of lineage development reshape the human blood hierarchy across ontogenyUniversity Health Network, University of TorontoGSM1977399CMP++ Myeloid stem cell (CFU-GEMM, CMP) (Cord blood)HumanRNA-Seq, SMARTseqSequence
26SRP067892Single-cell RNA-seq reveals distinct maturation stages of the Paneth cell lineageHubrecht InstituteGSM1987570Lgr5-positive intestinal cell (CBC cell)MouseRNA-SeqSequence
27SRP068586Single-cell RNA-seq of sorted and micro-dissected mouse bone marrow cellsHubrecht InstituteGSM2041916Bone marrow cellMouseRNA-SeqSequence
28SRP070425Use of the Fluidigm C1 platform for RNA sequencing of single mouse pancreatic islet cellsRegeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.GSM2063432Pancreatic islet cell (Pancreatic islet)MouseRNA-SeqSequence