Human Omics database for
the Generation of iPS and Normal Cells

SHOGoiN Cell ID: 8010000000000000000000-004

SHOGoiN Cell Taxonomy

Homo sapiens & Mus musculus cell

No.Germ LayerDifferentiation StateSource AgeAnatomy IdCell Type IdAnatomy:body PartAnatomy:organAnatomy:sub-organAnatomy:tissue 1Anatomy:tissue 2Anatomy:tissue 3Anatomy:tissue 4Anatomy:tissue 5-1Anatomy:tissue 5-2Anatomy:tissue 5-3Anatomy:tissue 5-4Cell TypeSynonymCL IdUBERON IdImage IdTissue Image ID
14 Mesodermal4 Terminally differentiated6 Fetus
7 Postnatal
8 Neonatal
9 Infant
10 Juvenile
11 Adult
8010000000000000000000004Immune system classBloodLeukocyteCL:0000738

SHOGoiN Cell Transcriptome

Expression Profile



SHOGoiN Cell Id8010000000000000000000-0048010000000000000000000-004
Project NameSequence Read ArchiveSequence Read Archive
Project IdSRP014428SRP014428
Assay IdSRP014428_T9SRP014428_T10
Project:project TitleFull-length mRNA-Seq from single-cell levels of RNA and individual circulating tumor cellsFull-length mRNA-Seq from single-cell levels of RNA and individual circulating tumor cells
Project:project Description
Project:project Submission Date22-Jul-1222-Jul-12
Project:organization NameKarolinska InstitutetKarolinska Institutet
Project:stable Contact InformationDaniel Ramsk_ld, Ramsk_ld,
Project:reference Submission StatusPublishedPublished
Project:reference AuthorsRamsk_ld D, Luo S, Wang YC, Li R et al.Ramsk_ld D, Luo S, Wang YC, Li R et al.
Project:reference TitleFull-length mRNA-Seq from single-cell levels of RNA and individual circulating tumor cells.Full-length mRNA-Seq from single-cell levels of RNA and individual circulating tumor cells.
Project:reference Pubmed Id2282031822820318
Assay:assay TypeTranscriptomeTranscriptome
Assay:assay Factor8010000000000000000000-0048010000000000000000000-004
Source Cell:sample IdGSM967506GSM967507
Source Cell:SHOGoiN Cell Id8010000000000000000000-0048010000000000000000000-004
Source Cell:source Cell TypeLeucocyteLeucocyte
Source Cell:source OrganismHumanHuman
Source Cell:race Or Strain
Source Cell:age Or Stage
Source Cell:source Tissue Or OrganBloodBlood
Source Cell:source Cell Karyotype
Source Cell:cell Lineage
Source Cell:organism Genetic Information
Source Cell:health Status
Source Cell:source Provider
Technology:assay TechnologyRNA-seqRNA-seq
Technology:assay Detection InstrumentationMiSeqMiSeq
Technology:assay Detection Instrument VendorIlluminaIllumina
Technology:assessed MaterialpolyA RNApolyA RNA
Technology:source Cell Format
Technology:source Cell Preparation MethodSingle cell, culturedSingle cell, cultured
Technology:source Cell Identidication Method
Technology:source Cell Treatment
Data:data IdSRR522079SRR522080
Data:data TypeSequenceSequence
Data:data Processing Method
Data:data Processing Software And Version
Data:data Normalization MethodRPKMRPKM
Data:data Normalization Software Name And Version
Data:data Analytical Software And
Data:reference Sequence Sourcehg19hg19
Data:genome Annotation Ref

SHOGoiN Cell Marker

Cell Type NameImmune system/blood cell
Cell Type SubclassLeukocyte
SHOGoiN Cell Id8010000000000000000000-004
Anatomical LocationBlood
Marker Molecule:nameReceptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase C (Leukocyte common antigen, L-CA, T200, CD45, PTPRC)
Marker Molecule:typeProtein
Marker Molecule:categoryCD molecule
Subcellular LocalizationPlasma membrane
Uniprot IdP08575
Gene Id
Source OrganismHuman