Human Omics database for
the Generation of iPS and Normal Cells

SHOGoiN Cell Methylome: GSM2481616

Methylation ProfileSHOGoiN Cell IdProject NameProject IdAssay IdProjectAssaySource CellTechnologyData
Project TitleAssay TypeSource Cell TypeSource OrganismSource Tissue Or OrganAssay TechnologyAssay Detection InstrumentationData Type


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5090101000001000000000-236Sequence Read ArchiveSRP074598SRP074598_M89Single-cell DNA methylome sequencing of human preimplantation embryosMethylomeSpermHumanGenitaliaBisulfite-Seq (PBAT)HiSeq 2500Sequence

Histogram (P-value of methylation rate)

Top 10 methylated genes

RankENSGGene symbolDescriptionM-valueP-vaue

Bottom 10 methylated genes

RankENSGGene symbolDescriptionM-valueP-value

SOM(Self Organization Map)

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RankENSGGene symbolDescriptionM-valueP-value

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