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Publication List -2011-

  • Fujibuchi W, Aburatani S, Yamane J, Imanishi S, Akanuma H, Sone H, Ohsako, S.

    Prediction of Chemical Toxicity by Network-based SVM on ES-cell Validation System.

    The Proceedings of the 2011 Joint Conference of CBI-Society and JSBi. 2011.

  • Hatano A, Chiba H, Moesa H.A, Taniguchi T, Nagaie S, Yamanegi K, Takai-Igarashi T, Tanaka H, Fujibuchi W.

    CELLPEDIA: a repository for human cell information for cell studies and differentiation analyses.

    Database (Oxford). bar046, 2011.

  • Sugihara M, Fujibuchi W, Suwa M.

    Structural elements of the signal propagation pathway in squid rhodopsin and bovine rhodopsin.

    J. Phys. Chem. B 115(19):6172-6179, 2011.

  • Kinouchi M, Miura K,Mizoi T, Ishida K, Fujibuchi W, Ando T, Yazaki N, Saito K, Shiiba K, Sasaki I.

    Infiltration of CD14-positive macrophages at the invasive front indicates a favorable prognosis in colorectal cancer patients with lymph node metastasis.

    Hepatogastroenterology. 58(106):352-358, 2011.

  • Miura K, Fujibuchi W, Ishida K, Naitoh T, Ogawa H, Ando T, Yazaki N, Watanabe K, Haneda S, Shibata C, Sasaki I.

    Review: Inhibitor of apoptosis protein family as diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets of colorectal cancer.

    Surg. Today 41(2):175-182, 2011.

  • Miura K, Fujibuchi W, Sasaki I.

    Review: Alternative pre-mRNA splicing in digestive tract malignancy.

    Cancer Sci. 102(2):309-316, 2011.